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Boned Whole Chicken with Vegetable Stuffing

Cooking a boned chicken gives bragging rights.  The nasty little secret’s that it’s not that hard.  The only tough part is getting the bird off its cooking rack and onto a cutting board without splitting the skin.  This recipe also works well with duck.

Boned Chicken with Vegetable Stuffing (serves 5-8)

1 4-7 lb roasting chicken, boned (see earlier post “The Boneless Chicken Ranch“)

ready to go

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Boneless Chicken w/Potato Stuffing

The technique for boning chicken is difficult at first, but after a few tries you’ll find it quick and easy.  And it’s an excellent presentation when you slice into the bird like a loaf.  A benefit is that the chicken’s cooked on it’s serving platter, so there will be less things to wash at the end of the night.  Additionally, the bones and fat can then be set aside for stock.

Ready for the oven

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