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Quick Pickle

Pickling’s a great way to prepare vegetables for a cold meal or snack. This is the fast and easy method that takes less than an hour and will give you something that will keep in the fridge for weeks.  It’s perfect for anyone who wants to take some time on the weekend to cook for the coming week.


Easy, fast and full of flavor. Just the way I’d like to be remembered.

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Basic Pasta Red Sauce

Pasta’s an excellent way to have a nice dinner in the middle of the week, and what makes it really special is a fresh red sauce. This sauce is versatile, fast and allows for a glass of wine. Happiness all around.


It’s all in the sauce

Basic Pasta Sauce (4 Servings)

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An 80s trend with staying power, gazpacho’s quick, easy and comforting. In the positive column it’s versatile. It can be strained and served as a drink, paired with a salad for a meal, or served as a quick snack. On the negative side it’s associated with brunch.


Only a few ingredients.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Veggie Burgers

I recently went to a cookout where some of the folks were vegetarian.  I’ve been playing with meat substitutes for a while, so I volunteered for veggie burgers.

Looks almost good enough to eat :)

Looks almost good enough to eat 🙂

A difference between this and most recipes is that many meat substitutes use beans as a main protein.  But I’m a fan of eggplant, so I chose to use this instead.  It’s not a common approach, but it worked remarkable well.

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Hand Rolled Pasta

Yesterday I experienced an unnatural urge to exercise. But, before risking serious injury by going to the gym, salvation came in the form of fettuccini.

ImageDeceptively Easy

Pasta is deceptively easy to make.  It uses flour but, unlike baking, it’s wonderfully imprecise.  It’s also very relaxing, taking about half an hour to knead and then roll out the dough.  Kneading and rolling count as exercise too, right? Continue reading


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Spaghetti Carbonara 

This is a real in-the-moment kind of dish.  It’s made fast, with heat and timing, and get’s your mind off whatever happened during the no-good-very-rotten very bad day that you may have had.  The trick’s to have all of your ingredients prepped in small bowls within easy reach so that you can cycle everything into the pan.

If you haven’t made this before it can be a bit stressful on the first few tries.  But once you learn the rhythm it’ll be like riding a bike – smooth, comforting and relaxing.  And you’ll never forget.

It’s also a technique that allows you to play with different flavors, like bacon or pancetta, and come up with completely different tastes.  Or, in this case, using truffle instead of mushroom.  The truffle was a gift from some dear friends in Italy, and not something I normally keep around.  But, boy, was it fun to use.

ImageFast and Fancy

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Vegetable Vinaigrette

Cooking’s often like life.  The highs are high and moments of regret can have a sour taste.  But sometimes these can be turned around.  Take, for instance, the regret of getting a dozen ears of corn because they were on sale.  So what if I spent less than if I’d bought six?  There’s still a boat load of starchy kernels slowly decaying on the counter.

Worth Repeating

Worth Repeating

This means it’s time for a repeat post on vegetables and salad dressing.  Billed as a fancy salad or condiment, veggie vinaigrette’s nothing more than a way to resurrect expiring produce (look in the bottom of your crisper lately?).

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