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Quick Pickle

Pickling’s a great way to prepare vegetables for a cold meal or snack. This is the fast and easy method that takes less than an hour and will give you something that will keep in the fridge for weeks.  It’s perfect for anyone who wants to take some time on the weekend to cook for the coming week.


Easy, fast and full of flavor. Just the way I’d like to be remembered.

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Vegetable Vinaigrette

Cooking’s often like life.  The highs are high and moments of regret can have a sour taste.  But sometimes these can be turned around.  Take, for instance, the regret of getting a dozen ears of corn because they were on sale.  So what if I spent less than if I’d bought six?  There’s still a boat load of starchy kernels slowly decaying on the counter.

Worth Repeating

Worth Repeating

This means it’s time for a repeat post on vegetables and salad dressing.  Billed as a fancy salad or condiment, veggie vinaigrette’s nothing more than a way to resurrect expiring produce (look in the bottom of your crisper lately?).

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Asparagus Vinaigrette

Ever have beautiful vegetables that won’t mesh with your menu but need to be eaten before they go bad?  I’m thinking of mushrooms, cauliflower, carrots, peppers and, yes, asparagus.  Rather than curse yourself for an impulse buy, consider preserving them in a vinaigrette to eat later in a salad or as a side.

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Caesar Salad

Some folks say that the tastiest things in life can become effortless.  Pop song metaphors aside, the recipe below is fast and deceptively easy.

a special touch to any meal


The substitution of Vegemite for anchovies was an act of desperation when a vegetarian relative dropped in, but proved a winner.  The kids now prefer Vegemite.  Go figure.

This can be a family meal or a special romantic surprise for when the stars align and all the kids are on sleepovers.

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