Some people play tennis, I cook.  As a therapy I can credit it with keeping me from unfortunate outbursts on more than one occasion.

But life intrudes and there’s never enough time to do anything 100%.  We compromise and, in the kitchen, the challenge is to produce food that makes folks want to gather round and stay put for a few moments.  Even when we don’t sit communally it’s nice to have something in the fridge that puts a smile on someone’s face.

My tastes run to the simple….  simple recipes with limited ingredients, each one unique.  Prep time needs to be fast and with minimal planning.   Assembly should be efficient enough to complement our various schedules (it’s a drag when the kids are hungry now and the roast still needs an hour).

I’ve had limited success as demonstrated by my children’s observation “Dad, you’re really simple, aren’t you?”  What parent doesn’t live for these words?  And speaking of kids, my daughter will post occasionally as Table Daughter.

So cooking’s the thing.  This is a space to share recipes and tips, and rant and joke a bit.  All of it around a theme of food.


6 responses to “About

  1. Bruce

    I really enjoyed the advice that you gave on the Boned Chicken. I will be back!

  2. Hi Table Dad,
    I went to HS with Erica and saw her post about your blog on FB. What an awesome blog! You make me believe that i could pull off all the recipes and the photos are beautifully done. Bravo on a great job well done!!!
    Linda Marcille
    Crow House Studio

  3. harry of bannockburn

    Dear tabledad. We heard rumors that you had a recipe for fritata, but seem not to find it.

  4. digidaygo

    well done sir

  5. Bing

    Hi Table Dad, I really enjoy reading your posts. You truly inspired me to start writing my own blog from the perspective of someone who is just learning how to cook, and what inspires me to continue learning.

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