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Home Cured Bacon

Some folks think of a cold remedy when they hear ‘home cure.’ Not me. I think of bacon, and there’s no better way to get some of the gateway meat than to make it yourself. To top it off, this is a case where homemade costs less than store bought. It’s easy, cheap and much better than anything off the shelf.

A thing of beauty.

A thing of beauty.

The only hard part is getting the two main ingredients: pork belly and curing salt. If you’re in DC, pork belly is sold at the Eastern Market, and the current price is $4.35 a pound*, and curing salt can be ordered from Amazon**.

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Green Chile Stew

I grew up in New Mexico and now live in Washington, DC. How is this relevant? In New Mexico we know chile but in DC we know pork. And pork is the only thing that can go in a green chile stew. This dish itself is really easy. And, like most stews, it can be elevated to a new level by serving with a poached egg.

4 Green Chile Stew

The trick is to cook on low heat so that the acid from the chile gets all the way into the pork.

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