Butterflying Flank Steak

What is it about meat, heat and knives?  Is it a guy thing that we take home cuts from the market and then make them into smaller bits before delivering to a stove, oven or grill?  A compelling question.  In the meantime, here’s a post about filleting flank steak.

filleted and quartered

This method works best with flank steak because of its tough quality but it can be used on any lean meat.

Butterfly the flank steak using 3 steps:

1)   Cut the steak half way through the center, following the grain of the beef.

cut only half way through, following the grain

2)   Fold the steak in half, exposing the cut, and use long strokes with the tip of the knife to separate one side and then the other.  Do not cut through the end of the steak.

be confident! use long, smooth cuts to separate the meat

3)   Open up the steak and lay flat, with the cut side facing down.  Cover the meat with plastic wrap and gently pound the dimples flat with a mallet or empty wine bottle.  If you pound too hard the meat will break apart (at which point this becomes fajitas).

Meat prepped this way can be cooked immediately stuffed or seasoned with a rub.  For cooking tips, see the post on stuffed flank steak.

ready to go in minutes

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