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No Hassle Barbecue Sauce

Sauces, especially barbecue sauce, are highly personal.  Some folks guard their secrets with uncanny energy and then take them to the grave.  Go figure.  Here’s a base recipe for a southern style vinegar sauce.  Take this and make it your own.  Really.  It’s yours.  Enjoy.




a delightful sauce

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The Boneless Chicken Ranch

This is a bit beyond the basics and the first time it may be like shaving a ferret.  The only utensil is a paring knife.  Go slow because it’s done as much by feel as sight.  And don’t worry about mistakes–it only means cooking with boned parts.  Once you get the technique down this can be done in less than 5 minutes.  It’ll be a wonder to behold.

your opponent

See the post on roasting boneless chicken to for an example of how this can be cooked.

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Asparagus Vinaigrette

Ever have beautiful vegetables that won’t mesh with your menu but need to be eaten before they go bad?  I’m thinking of mushrooms, cauliflower, carrots, peppers and, yes, asparagus.  Rather than curse yourself for an impulse buy, consider preserving them in a vinaigrette to eat later in a salad or as a side.

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Center Cut Pork Roast Barbecue

Comfort food is an art & barbecue’s an expressive medium.  You want to balance the substance of fat with a tang of spice for that feeling of mellow satisfaction.  Like all things simple the trick is to limit your selection and quantity of spices so that the tastes are distinct and complimentary.

pork roast BBQ

All the spice selections are to my taste, so you can substitute whatever appeals to you.  Fashion sense aside, spice is an accessory so try to limit variety–salt, pepper and a few specific flavors–in exchange soothing familiarity.

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Boneless Chicken w/Potato Stuffing

The technique for boning chicken is difficult at first, but after a few tries you’ll find it quick and easy.  And it’s an excellent presentation when you slice into the bird like a loaf.  A benefit is that the chicken’s cooked on it’s serving platter, so there will be less things to wash at the end of the night.  Additionally, the bones and fat can then be set aside for stock.

Ready for the oven

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Coffee Syrup

Just one cup

This is for all of us who’ve seen coffee syrup on a recipe and been totally confused, with confusion turning to anger when we realize that commercial syrup comes in quantities that we’ll never use. It’s also a nifty way to make coffee in the morning without the hassle of filling the press or pot.

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Caribbean Short Ribs

Short Ribs -- An ultimate Comfort Food

October’s here and cold weather needs comfort food.  Few things are more comforting than short ribs on a bed of mashed potato.



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