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Southwestern Salsa

A simple and elegant treat.

Fall means leaves, sweaters and tailgating.  Salsa’s a big part of this, and often a big disappointment.  The problem’s that folks want flamboyant colors, resulting in a mix of every brightly hued veggie and spice on hand.  Yes, salsa can have many themes.  Just not all at once, please.

So the rule’s to keep it simple and elegant.  Here’s my take on a classic.  Notice that I recommend using either garlic or shallot, but not both?  In combination with lime juice either one is good, but all three together can be too much.

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Mango Chutney

How to serve a mango

How to serve a mango.

Summer’s come to an end but there are wonderful things that can be done with fruit, including tropical fruit, that will preserve the summer fun well into the winter.  A versatile product is mango, which freezes well and can also be preserved in several ways.  The recipe below is one option,

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Caesar Salad

Some folks say that the tastiest things in life can become effortless.  Pop song metaphors aside, the recipe below is fast and deceptively easy.

a special touch to any meal


The substitution of Vegemite for anchovies was an act of desperation when a vegetarian relative dropped in, but proved a winner.  The kids now prefer Vegemite.  Go figure.

This can be a family meal or a special romantic surprise for when the stars align and all the kids are on sleepovers.

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